TV Antennas

The average cable bill in the U.S. is $86 a month. If you think about the time you actually spend watching cable, that's a pretty steep price.

Looking to cut the cord and save money by eliminating your cable or satellite TV bill?

Major broadcast channels are available over the air in HD and you can pick up local channels in full HD with an antenna.

At Charles H. Burns, our technicians have the latest skills to be able to install and set up these cost saving devices.

Call us today and begin enjoying the money saving freedom of cutting the cable cord.



Indulge your passion for great entertainment. At Charles H. Burns, we specialize in LG televisions. With LG TV you can watch your favorite movies or TV shows in cinema-quality 3D, surf the Web on a Smart TV, or watch the latest Blu-ray discs in ultra-sharp HD.

From stunning 3D TVs to ultra-sharp HD, LG makes it easy for families to watch their favorite shows. We even have the perfect stand for your new television.

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